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License # CFC057848

80 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater FGC-75

Residential – Natural Gas Water Heater



6 Year Warranty including Labor and materials 

Other companies will quote you less only to show up and nickel and dime you on the parts listed below. With Hefner Plumbing, you know exactly what you are getting and how much you are going to pay before we show up. We know our products inside and out. (Literally) After all, we are water heater specialists. Plus, we support all of our products after they are installed. We haul off the old heater and recycle.

Prices above include the following below with code upgrades + haul away and clean up: New water shut off valve, New water supply connectors, New gas sediment trap, New gas shut off valve, flexible gas line, re-pipe your temperature and pressure release valve, New water heater safety pan. Compare our all-inclusive (code compliant) package to our competitors. They will definitely shortchange you compared to what we provide.

New Shutoff ball valve.


New safety pan


New water supplies


New temperature relief valve


New gas supply line .

New sediment trap installed on gas line.

Gas Water Heater Pan

All included in the price of your new heater.

Description for AO Smith FGC-75

  • Meets 2015 Efficiency standards   Six-year tank/six-year parts warranty DynaClean™ diffuser dip tube reduces lime and sediment buildup
  • Permaglas coating for defense against corrosion
  • Coregard anode rod with stainless steel core



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