Enjoy the benefits of a walk-in bath!

Walk-in baths are the ultimate in comfort and ease-of-use. Primarily used for persons with disabilities such as arthritis or simply for those who are ageing and not quite as steady as they used to be, a walk-in bath can be used by anyone at any age.

At Hefner Plumbing we’ve chosen to use American Standard Walk-in baths. In our experience we have found them to be safe and reliable. American Standard has incorporated the therapeutic benefits and luxury of a whirlpool tub with the safety, accessibility and simplicity of a walk-in bath. Their baths are perfect for persons with limited mobility who wish to maintain the freedom of living comfortably at home.

A walk-in bath is easily accessed through a side door that can be as wide as 21 inches with a ground threshold clearance as low as 3 inches. This allows ease-of-use for all body types, even those persons suffering from severe disabilities. And you can rest assured there will be no leaks as American Standard’s door seal carries a lifetime warranty.

Entry is a smooth transition that virtually eliminates the risk of falls. The chair-height seat, grab bar and textured floor all ensure both comfort and safety.

Just walk in, sit down and relax. It’s just as simple as that.

Walk-in baths are safe and secure.

American Standard offers a variety of soothing massage systems including whirlpools, air baths, combo massage systems and soaking tubs. You are sure to find just the right one for you or your loved one.

The optional quick drain fast water removal system pumps the water out of the tub in less than two minutes so that when you are ready to exit the tub, wait time is minimal. The baths also offer the most modern hydrotherapy system available today. Options are available such as heated air, heated whirlpool and combination systems that utilize multiple targeted water jets that hit just the right spot.

Want a quick leg massage? The exclusive leg massage feature fills the tub to just the right height and you lay back and enjoy a luxurious leg massage in the comfort of your own home. The air-filled neck rest option allows total relaxation while you soak in absolute comfort.

Convenience and affordability.

And talk about convenient, the American Standard walk-in bath has a built in ozone cleaning system that virtually cleans the tub itself, and they are designed to install in the same size area as your old standard tub or shower.

Hefner Plumbing’s professional installers will have your walk-in bath installed in no time and all models are very affordable.

Here are the types of American Standard walk-in baths we offer:

Air Bath

• Massage is created through thousands of tiny air bubbles.

• Adjustable massage strength


• Deep soaking depth to provide a whole body soak

Combo Massage

• Massage is created through jetted streams of water

• Adjustable water jet strength


• Combines water jets from a whirlpool with the air jets of an air bath

• Adjustable massage strength

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