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Servicing My Tankless Water Heater

I would say that 80% of people that have tank less water heater have never been told they need to flush the heat exchanger…..!

QUICK ANSWER: Tankless water heaters must be serviced without question. Servicing should be frequent and constant. A servicing really means flushing the heat exchanger with a special solution. A lot of companies will sell you the heater but don’t bother telling you that you need the optional ports that are used for cleaning purposes called isolation valves. If you do not have these ports at the bottom part of the heater it will definitely be more costly to maintain and clean the heat exchanger. I promise you will be replacing your tankless sooner than you expect if you do not service the heater.

DETAILS: Service valves or isolation valves are critical in properly servicing a tankless water heater. Flushing helps remove mineral deposits inside the heat coils. When the water passes through the heat exchanger, it leaves behind expelled minerals that can adhere to the sides of the heat exchanger and also build up in the bottom diaphragm. If not removed the minerals will clog the heat coils and cause your heat exchanger to leak. Not to mention this process will slow the water down because now is can it take longer to heat the water because of built up mineral deposits. So what does this mean, it means you’ll see more fluctuations in the water temperature in a higher usage of gas trying to heat through these internal deposits decreasing the efficiency of the heater dramatically. Also when this happens it can malfunction the computer module because it can’t understand the temperature indifference.  If you do not service your tankless water heater you will experience heat loss and eventually you will need to replace the heat exchanger or the whole tankless water heater.

BENEFITS: Flushing your tankless water heater will maintain the efficiency of the heater as well as it’s life span. You paid a lot of money for your tankless water heater. Make sure you don’t have to replace it prematurely. Just give us a call and will be glad to set up an appointment to flush and clean your tankless water heater.



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