Dear Hefner Plumbing,

First let us say that when our daughter called us and said she found a plumbing company whom she wanted to do the work at her house, we said “be careful,” as we had seen only too much of non-professional work done in Ocala.

She called us and asked if we could be there to let the workers in for 3 days.  When the technicians arrived at the door, we were very surprised at the appearance and attitude of both.  For the entire 3 days, these men were truly super workers in every possible way.

You have to be a very good company to have the quality of men working for you.  We are very happy to be proven wrong with our quick judgment, after some not-so-nice experiences.

Thank you.  Have a super year!

Roger “B” and Cynthia P.


Mr. Hefner,


On behalf of our daughter and ourselves, we find again, that your company exceeds any expatiation we might have on your recent plumbing job.


Once again, like before, your two workers, “DeWayne & Sean” did their jobs as only professionals would.  Each step they take, they accomplish something with no wasted time.  Their appearance, clean, neat, and politeness is beyond any company we have dealt with in Ocala.  They represent a good solid company showing their interactivity, which is above and beyond.  They speak only with the utmost respect for all in your business.


Thank you,

Roger “B”, Cynthia, & Sabrina P.