Our Equipment and Fixture Guarantee

We guarantee that the equipment and/or fixtures we have installed in your home will perform as we have stated. If any equipment or fixture fails during normal use in the first two (2) years, we will either repair or replace the item no charge to you.*


Our Water Heater Warranties:

  • Standard Warranty
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty


Our Re-pipe Guarantee:


We guarantee that the entire re-pipe project of your house will be completed on or before the date we have promised. We also will patch all drywall or plaster back to its original texture. We guarantee our pipes (PEX) for a period of 45 years. If your pipes ever fail at any time during this period, (excluding acts of God, fire, riot or war), we will repair the failure at no cost. We guarantee that all materials used are specified and “up to code” in your area. Also we guarantee to protect the condition of your home while we are there on the job, making sure that everything is cleaned up completely after the job is done each day – no questions asked. Also, we do not hire any outside subcontractors, or others to do any of the work whatsoever in your home. 0ur technicians are the best qualified and most experienced in re-piping than those of any other plumbing company in Florida.

*Excludes drain cleaning and repairs made on products when replacement is recommended.