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What’s The Most Dangerous Room in Your House?

According to the national safety Council, one person dies every day from a bathroom related injury. Nearly 200,000 bathroom accidents occur in the US each year.

The majority of injuries are due to slipping, losing balance or having impaired vision. Showering and bathing requires bending and lifting which can increase the likelihood for a slip or fall. These minor safety components could save you a tremendous amount of unnecessary pain and suffering, not to mention visits to the hospital and rehab Center

Here are 6 easy ways to help avoid bathroom injuries.

1. Install grab bars – grab bars, come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate just about all situations. Never use the suction cup variety!

2. Install a comfort height toilet-elevated toilets make it easier to sit down and rise up.

3. Shower-tub bench seat-the bench seat increases safety dramatically and are lightweight and very sturdy and easy to move around.

4. Handheld shower head-handheld showers on a slide bar makes for a safer and more comfortable shower when sitting.

5. Throw rugs-throw rugs can easily trip someone in the bathroom instead use nonslip flooring.

6. Install a walk-in tub or shower – reduces accidents and enables a more comfortable bathing experience.

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