Ocala Leak Detection

Hefner-Plumbing-Leak-DetectionUsing ultrasonic sound waves we can detect a pinhole leak in copper pipe underneath your home’s concrete floor. This is the same type of ultrasound a doctor uses in his or her office, but in this instance we use much stronger ultrasonic signals that can hear several feet through concrete, and dirt to tell us exactly where a leak has begun under your home.It even allows us to measure the density of the concrete surrounding the leak so we can determine the most efficient way to make the repair. This comes in very handy if the leaking pipe is located in a solid wall or footing. Our measurements are so precise that we can even tell you how many gallons per minute of water you are losing.

Live in Florida? Chances are you will have an under-home leak!

Usually the leaking pipes are not embedded in the concrete, but they can be anywhere from 10–18 inches below your concrete floor. A leak occurs when the pipe fails to hold pressure because of a very small hole in the wall of the pipe or a fitting.

In the majority of homes built in Florida copper pipe is used under the floor and plumbers know this as L-type soft copper or hard rigid copper. Because of the fact copper pipe oxygenates easily, especially when it is embedded in soil that constantly keeps it damp, corrosion occurs both inside and outside the pipe.

This corrosion, known as industrial blight, is the root cause of copper pipe failure under a home’s floor in Florida. Research shows that 66 percent of all homes in the southern regions of the United States that have copper pipes will fail underneath the concrete flooring.

State-of-the-art technology that saves you money!

Which is why you need to call Hefner Plumbing if you suspect a leak. Most plumbing companies don’t have the tools we have to find your leak and get it repaired quickly. Our ultrasound equipment is extremely sophisticated and costly and virtually all plumbing companies shy away from making such an expensive investment. Not Hefner Plumbing.

We know that in the long run it will save us time and effort and that adds up to big savings for you. If we can do the job quicker, more efficiently and cheaper, then we know that when you need a plumber again, you will know who to call. And when you have a neighbor who has a plumbing need you will know who to recommend. Since 1976 our business has grown through word-of-mouth advertising and we are still continuing to grow today through the excellent service we provide.

Quick under slab repairs with no mess!

Hefner offers experience. On average, we repair more than 100 leaks per year, which is far more than most companies. Most of those companies also break through their clients’ floors to make a repair. Not at Hefner; 99 percent of the time we repair your leak without making a scratch on your beautiful floor. We have mastered a certain technique that is less invasive, less expensive and cleaner… not to mention that it comes with a 45-year warranty! The product we use for this process has a 200-year life expectancy and it is more likely the house will be torn down before the pipes we have installed go bad.

Questions to ask when finding the right plumber for you:

• How long has the company been in business?

• What kind of warranty do they give on the repair?

• Do they want to break through your floor?

• Do they have previous customer references you can call on?

If another company can’t answer each of these questions to your satisfaction, BEWARE, because our experience shows you could end up having disastrous results!

We also locate leaks on vacuum systems and around windows and doors but not in pools or spas.

Call Hefner Plumbing and we will find the leak quickly and efficiently make the necessary repairs that will save you money and prevent possible damage to your home’s foundation.