When buying a new home or selling your home

Know These Things


SIX things you should know when selling your home or the purchasing of a new home. Do not wait until it is too late costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for repairs that others have overlooked.  Peace of mind in knowing what your money is invested in is worth every penny of this inspection.

1)    General-purpose home inspectors do not typically thoroughly inspected plumbing electrical or heating and air-conditioning due to their lack of knowledge, lack of testing equipment, and/or not getting paid enough to do an adequate job.

2)    If you really want to know the condition of the house you proposed to purchase have a licensed contractor inspect it for you.  This means get a licensed electrician, plumber and HVAC contractor to inspect their systems. Be cautious when realtors suggest specific inspectors as they may be a conflict of interest involved.

3)    When owners/sellers sell their homes they very seldom educate the new owners regarding the heating and cooling plumbing and electrical systems.  The seller just wants to get away leaving any problems and knowledge for the buyer to discover on their own. This can be tragic! Buyers should insert language in their offer to purchase which requires a seller to educate the buyer regarding all mechanical systems HVAC plumbing and electrical.  A list of all contractors who have worked on these systems of the last five years should be provided.

4)    Do not wait until you have a problem with your heating, cooling hot water or electrical system to call for help.  Develop a relationship with reliable contractors before you need help.  Have those contractors inspect and service your system soon after you move-in. Then they will be familiar with your system so as to be able to give you outstanding service when needed. We will be more than happy to provide you with a list of electrical and HVAC contractors that are rated very highly.

5)    Some houses and their internal systems are more complicated than they used to be. Therefore; all of the technicians working on these systems need to be better educated and smarter than ever before so when searching for a contractor check for references and see how long they have been in business as generally the number one thing is experience.

6)    Our fees for a 36 point.complete  plumbing inspection is $180